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  1. Google's got a lot of apps. Maybe even toomany, in certain (ahem) cases.

    Amidst all the obvious titles and oddly overlapping offerings, though, Google's wing of the Play Store holds some genuinely useful treasures — clever creations by the creator of Android that are just waiting to be discovered.

    Here are 10 off-the-beaten-path Google apps that'll help you do all sorts of interesting stuff with your Android device. Sure, any one of 'em could disappear any day with little to no warning — this is Google we're talking about, after all — but for the moment, at least, they're out there and ready for the taking. And yes, they're all free.

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  2. It's pilot fish's turn to do after-hours support, and as usual, nothing happens. He gets no calls all night.

    But the next day a co-worker messages him to find out why he hadn't answered the phone when he called the night before. Fish checks his phone for notifications of missed calls; nothing. They wrangle over this for a bit. Did you call or text? "I called," says co-worker, "and I got your voicemail — although it was a woman's voice on the greeting. But, you know, the default greeting is quite often with a woman's voice, and it was 3 a.m., so I might not have been as clear-headed as normal."

    OK, but I don't use the default greeting on my phone, says fish. Are you sure you called my number? And fish recites his digits.

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  3. Microsoft never sleeps. Even before the Windows 10 May 2019 Update (version 1903) started to roll out, the company began working on upcoming feature updates to Windows 10. As it did with version 1903, Microsoft has been releasing a series of public preview builds to members of Microsoft's Windows Insider Program.

    After years of using “Redstone” in its code names, Microsoft switched to a new format with the May 2019 Update. The new code names use a YYH1/YYH2 format, with the YY standing for the last two numbers of the year and H1 or H2 referring to the first or second half of the year. So Windows 10 version 1903, which was released in May 2019, was code-named “19H1” (for first half of 2019) rather than “Redstone 6.” The next feature update, due in the fall of this year, is code-named “19H2,” and the feature update that’s coming in the spring of 2020 is code-named 20H1.

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  4. Microsoft has unveiled a preliminary catalog of group policies for managing the still-under-development "full-Chromium" Edge, giving IT admins a glimpse at what they will be working with if they adopt the browser.

    "We're still working on the list, but I'd like to share an early preview of the management policies we are working on for the new version of Microsoft Edge," Sean Lyndersay, a group program manager on the Edge team, wrote in a June 14 post to the Insider online forum.

    An attached file in .zip format contained ADMX and ADML files - the two required to implement group policies on a Windows device - and an HTML document that lists and describes the policies on Windows and macOS machines.

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  5. Frontline workers tend to be overlooked when it comes to technology. But the growing awareness that they, too, need access to the latest digital tools is pushing companies to change how they do business.

    For Virginia-based Ferguson, which says it’s the largest distributor of plumbing supplies in the U.S., that realization meant the deployment of Microsoft’s Teams platform and a shift to channel-based communications. The company says the move has already helped improve customer service with faster, more effective information sharing.

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