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  1. Over the past two years, Microsoft has continued to make Office 365 and SharePoint the premier platform for intranet and collaboration solutions. This week, at the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, the SharePoint team brought the intelligent intranet to life with significant enhancements to an already awesome platform.

    SharePoint Home Sites

    Shortly after Ignite in 2018, Microsoft created an online “look book” showing off the new and upcoming capabilities for SharePoint Online. The look book is a beautifully designed collection of examples that showcase the “art of the possible.” You can now effectively provision the look book examples in your own tenant using the SharePoint Online Provisioning Service. But imagine if your new SharePoint deployment started with a pre-built, beautiful intranet portal that you could adapt as you need to align with your organization’s intranet outcome goals? Imagine no more: introducing SharePoint Home Sites!

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  2. AT&T will allow customers to pay their mobile bills using Bitcoin, adding its name to a short list of major businesses and government agencies that allow the blockchain-based cryptocurrency to be used as a form of payment.

    While not directly accepting cryptocurrency, AT&T is the first major U.S. mobile carrier to let customers pay in Bitcoin through a third-party service provider.

    Customers using its online bill pay service or the myAT&T app will be able to choose BitPay, a cryptocurrency payment processor for payments. The customer pays in Bitcoin and BitPay verifies the funds and accepts the Bitcoin on behalf of the business.

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  3. Apple’s plan to transform the world of credit cards in the image of Apple Card seems to have progressed further than anyone might have thought, thanks to a top-secret project with Mastercard...

    Innovate everything

    The news is that Apple, Goldman Sachs and Mastercard have been quietly working together to make similar technologies available for use by other card issuers.

    Payments Source claims the project has been ongoing for 18-months and means banks will be able to use Mastercard's system to offer digital-only cards.

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  4. Tech Events

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  5. [Disclosure: NVIDIA is a client of the author.]

    There is a growing consensus in the analyst community that we will be moving from PC-based keyboard input to smartphone/digital assistant voice interfaces in 3-5 years. But if you’ve ever been in an office where people are always on the phone, you know the nightmare of sound that can result in common cubical or even open-plan offices.

    If you add to this existing level of ambient noise folks talking rather than typing, suddenly it looks like we’ll either be more aggressively trying to escape and work from home or living with ever better active sound cancelling headphones permanently attached to our heads.

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