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  1. With iPhones now in use across the Fortune 500, Apple has a good reason to invest in business process automation for iOS. It already has many of the building blocks to make work easier and more productive. Here are some of the ways it could improve its offering with enterprise-focused automation.

    What’s up with Mail?

    Mail is limited in contrast to other email apps. Apple could add (or simply support) features offered by the excellent Boomerang app, particularly tools that enable you to schedule your response to emails, such as: “Reply at XX o’clock,” “Reply in the morning,” or “Send email response 14.”

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  2. About 1.2 million Seattle area voters will be able to use their smartphone, laptop or a computer at their local library to vote in a current election this year.

    This will be the first-time online voting is available to all eligible registered voters of a district, according to a foundation behind the initiative.

    The King Conservation District in Washington State is the third region in the U.S. to partner with the non-profit Tusk Philanthropies on a national effort to expand mobile voting, and Washington is the fifth state to pilot mobile voting in general. The King Conservation District is a state environmental agency that includes Seattle and 33 other cities, but it is separate from the King County Elections agency and operates under a different budget.

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  3. Android 10 is one of the most consequential updates Google has ever released for its mobile operating system — and yet, when you find yourself staring at the software for the first time, you might be scratching your head about what's actually different.

    Sure, you're likely to see the endlessly discussed new Dark Theme toggle within your device's Quick Settings panel. And maybe you'll remember the variety of under-the-hood improvements Android 10 offers in areas such as privacy, security, and performance — improvements that aren't outwardly visible but are incredibly important even so.

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  4. This pilot fish gets a request for a new server, and after being satisfied with all his post-install checks, he turns it over to the customers. But they say the server is experiencing intermittent network connectivity.

    So fish has the network team check the port, network switch and cable. All seems fine: constant link status and no dropped packets. But the problem persists. Fish calls vendor for help and sends it the diag report from the lights-out interface. But the hardware looks fine.

    New day, new strategy. Fish tries “watch nmap” from his workstation; no issues. He tries it from the Kickstart server. And this is interesting: The server is working one run, but no response the next. On a hunch, fish adds ARP check in the watch. Now he’s getting somewhere: ARP is alternating between two MAC address from the same IP, one of which fish doesn’t recognize.

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  5. This era of political espionage is rooted in manipulative ads, fake news articles and other forms of digital content. It's one of the nation’s greatest threats, especially as we approach the 2020 presidential election.