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  1. Apple sold a lot of notebooks as enterprises kitted out newly remote workers with new Macs during the second quarter, the latest data reveals – indeed, notebook sales across the board raised all the boats in the PC industry.

    Notebooks “singlehandedly” saved the PC market

    “Notebooks have singlehandedly pulled the PC market out of depression,” said Rushabh Doshi, Research Director at Canalys in a release.

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  2. I’m inundated with emails, so I use mail rules to maintain some semblance of order, coupled with a zero-inbox strategy. For example, automated reports are sent to a specific folder so I can read them later at my own leisure — and, most important, keep them out of my inbox.

    How to set up mail rules in Outlook for macOS

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  3. This pilot fish works at an IT services outfit that’s trying to get a contract with a very large public transportation company.

    “They wanted to offload some schedule simulation programs to free up their mainframes for other work,” fish says. “But before they would sign the contract, they wanted us to run the software on our machines to see if they would get valid results.”

    Fish and his cohorts port the Fortran code to the new machine and make a test run so the results can be compared with what they’re supposed to be.

    But before sending the results to the potential customer, fish and his team check everything against the expected output that the customer has sent to them.

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  4. Did you know that Microsoft has a rich collection of best-practice guidance and advice for intranet planning? Just this week, it released a new “intelligent intranet” site with videos, templates, customer interviews, and more to help users find inspiration and planning support for their intelligent intranet journey.

    There’s a lot of great content linked in the new site – and even more on two platforms: and Though I’m not sure this is consistently the case, the content on is largely focused on end users and forms the backbone of the training content delivered with Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways. The content on tends to be aimed more at administrators and covers advanced topics. Both collections provide a wealth of helpful information, with  articles written by a stellar team of technical writers who often reach out to practitioners to help add to the content.

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  5. Google Fi may sound like some weird sort of initiation ritual ("Whoa, what happened to Rick? I heard he got Googlefied!") — but if you can get past its silly-sounding name, the Google-owned wireless service can both save you money and step up your smartphone security situation.

    Make no mistake about it: Google Fi — known as Project Fi up until 2018 — is a pretty unusual proposition. And it absolutely won't make sense for everyone. If you fall into a certain style of smartphone usage, though, it can eliminate a lot of the downsides that typically come with a traditional wireless plan.

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