About our company

Privately held and based in Mallow, County Cork, the company was founded in 2009. Each year we are increasing our customer base and that says tons as to our service. We take each customer and give them the personal service that big stores just can't give.


PC COMP Computer Service strives to provide excellent service to its customers; recognizing that any company can fix your computer but it takes a company that cares about its customers to explain how the problem was fixed in plain English without using techno-babble.


PC COMP specializes in providing complete end-to-end IT management, delivering reliable and cost effective computer strategies, products and services for your business. Offering complete solutions for your Information Technology needs.



Lost your Data? Has your hard drive crashed or have you accidentally deleted files? Our local in-store data recovery service costs less than sending the drive to a national data recovery service and will be done faster. In the event that we cannot recover your data in-house the drive can still be sent out to a large national data recovery (cleanroom) service provider for a lower price than you would get if you sent it there yourself.

It is impossible to commit to a price without having done a thorough evaluation of why the data is not accessible - Accordingly, all our recovery work is completed on a No Recovery - No Fee / Free Evaluation basis.
Once the repairs are complete and the storage device is deemed recoverable, an exact copy (or clone) of the data is made to a second suitably sized media.

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